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10 years of Spot Buy Center – a milestone with a gilded edge

10 years of Spot Buy Center – a milestone with a gilded edge

It’s been ten years of hard work, navigating a market that was still in its infancy when we joined, having to fight for a place among big players who set the tone. We have come a long way. And the journey has been made all the more wonderful by the many clients, partners and suppliers we have met and connected with.

It has been quite a dynamic trajectory. Especially since our services are specific, disruptive and challenging. Managing tail spend requires unique software; we developed our own, in-house. We went - and continue to go - the extra mile. Anything to take the worries off our clients’ shoulders.

Services and software with that little something extra

How do we do that?Through the meticulous, efficient management of non-strategic purchases and spot buys. And by offering control, insight and an excellent buying experience as a result. We also act as an extension of purchase teams andas a single creditor partner. We strive for the satisfaction of our clients and suppliers.

The range of sectors that count on us have expanded considerably over the past decade. We now serve everything from the automotive, chemical and banking sectors to telecommunications and public services. Companies in each of these areas -and many more- have turned to us for the products and services that support them in their work.

International expansion and smart digitalisation

The common factor in our services: taking away our clients’ concerns. We were only active in Belgium at first. But we have been in the Netherlands since last year. And in the meantime, we have set up in France too. Our aim? To be the market leader for our sector in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. This is why we have invested more in our services and digitised our purchase and payment processes. We are giving our clients complete peace of mind, and the opportunity to spend time on their core tasks.

Ready for the next ten years

We are already looking forward to the next decade and achieving new milestones. We are celebrating our ten-year anniversary with:

•       a fresh makeover of our logo and house style;

•       an innovative website that’s focused on the needs of all our stakeholders;

•       a Spot Buy Center gin, complete with a celebratory ‘gilded edge’.

Gold gin deserves its name: gold is hidden invisible details. This applies to your combined tail-spend costs and the considerable impact they have. But it also refers to each of the ingredients in our gin that contribute to its unique taste - no matter how small they may be.

With this gin, we raise a glass to the coming ten years. We would also like to share it with you. Are you thinking of outsourcing your tail spend? Are you wondering what we could mean to your business? We are randomly allotting twenty bottles of Gold gin to companies with a significant tail spend that request (info@spotbuycenter.com) an obligation-free demo in February, March or April. As a winner, you’ll receive a fantastic bottle of Spot Buy Center's Gold gin

A little taster of a successful collaboration between your company and Spot Buy Center.


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