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Sourcing Center

Spot Buy Center's extra hands

Sourcing Center is a sister division of Spot Buy Center.

Given the millions of euros we purchase and the thousands of transactions we execute for our Spot Buy Center customers, we continue to extend our network and to reinforce our knowledge about and impact on the purchases handled over a multitude of categories.

Through our Sourcing Center we provide experts to help you in concluding tactical and strategic purchase projects. While sticking to indirect categories for strategic projects, we can handle both direct and indirect for your tactical purchases.

Indirect Strategy?

Not sure where to start? We can make the opportunity analysis for you, present a strategic advice and we can decide together how to attack these opportunities!

Need some extra purchasing hands temporarily?

Then come to Sourcing Center. Our employees are on our payroll, use our sourcing tools and our ad hoc sourcing methodology. We can give you a good estimate on the potential results and amount of work and therefore we can work on profit share model.

Ad hoc sourcing: service, unburdening, speed

Ad hoc means for a specific case at a specific time. Very often these projects are unforeseen, or arrive at a moment when your own buyers are already tied up with their day to day business.

Moreover, you cannot afford to have too many buyers, and it makes sense to cover “extra work” and “peaks” with temporary forces, on which there’s a payback.

Profit share: there’s no harm in trying!

Most of the remuneration of the ad hoc sourcing assignments will be variable. The savings realised will be shared. No saving means minimal cost. This will all be clearly discussed and documented in advance.

To prevent potential abuse of our services, misunderstandings and using us purely as a benchmarking tool (which is also fine by the way … but it should be clear) we always charge a minimal file cost.

Ad hoc sourcing methodology

This one is the key to success … not only for the results, but also for the collaboration, the partnership.


Each assignment starts with a moment of communication and a clear alignment of scope, expectations and timing.

During the journey, long or short, there will be feedback moments to find the best solution for you and to discuss the sourcing strategy. No, you will not need to choose the cheapest solution or product because then we earn more. You choose what you need.


We achieve them according to the age-old principle of 7- step sourcing: Scoping/specs – analysis (opportunities & threats) – strategy – supplier selection – RFQ/RFP – negotiating – order/contract.

Preparation is at least as important as the negotiation itself. In recent years, we have saved millions of euros for our customers.

And it doesn’t have to be repeated: Every saving, every good negotiation or any good contract, has an immediate impact on your result, on your earnings.

Size of the project?

Is there a minimum value that the project should represent? Very simple: No.
The size of the project doesn’t matter.


We’ll start within the week!


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