Tail spend

Elia says: "Smart buying channel-mix and internal communication"

some numbers: +2000 employees, 18.990 kilometres of lines and over 30 million end users

The success of a negotiated contract is as great as the number of times the contract has been used. That is why Elia is very committed to a clear structure of the buying channels and the internal communication around it.

Purchasing process consists of multiple steps and different stake-holders. When one person deviates from the procedure, this has an impact on the entire P2P chain (manual interventions, extra flows,...). In addition, non-compliant orders also pose a legal and fraud risk for Elia. And that is exactly what one wants to avoid with purchases from non-strategic suppliers. By using the right buying channel, the order follows well defined process and the invoicing and payment will also run perfectly. Efficiency is ensured, costs are under control and ultimately this is the fastest way for the applicant to obtain what he or she needs.

In the same transformation and communication project, a lot of work is being done on the digitization of the entire P2P process. Elia looks for applications to support users as good as possible: pushing spot buy quotations directly into the ERP system, suggesting choices of general ledger accounts, increase digital supplier invoices and offer more catalogues.

Hundreds of suppliers become ONE, while maintaining access to all suppliers in Europe or even in the world and continue to enjoy the best market prices ... that is the solution of a tail spend management provider. Elia has found the best partner for this in Spot Buy Center.

Spot Buy Center acts for Elia as a single supplier, a single creditor, connected to its ERP system and as one sole catalogue connection for catalogues from different suppliers. Through this same channel, quotations for spot buys are requested and the offers are returned to the ERP as a catalogue item. As an extra bonus all invoices are 100% digital (xml or EDI).

On the one hand, the business can still take initiative, buy what they want where ever they want (according to the rules of the house of course) and on the other hand, the processes are optimized and the P2P has been digitized which generates efficiency and savings for the company.

Everybody happy and a successful project!


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