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GBfoods says: "Celebration is SUCCESS and success is FOCUS"

Some numbers: 420 employees in Belgium, 3,300 employees worldwide, 17 factories in 50 countries

Gbfoods' goal is "Celebrating local flavors". For this reason, we have become the preferred choice for millions of families in an increasingly connected world. At GBfoods, we continue to celebrate the local flavors that make us who we are, helping people to enjoy their favorite recipes, every day, everywhere..

Because we want to continue serving local markets with local brands, we do invest a lot in local creativity and in local suppliers. And that comes with multiple challenges and quite some administration. Not only do you have to find these local suppliers, but also agreements have to be made, which we turn into contracts and those suppliers are created in the ERP systems.

As part of a large group, we also have objectives regarding cash flow and working capital, and these cannot always be imposed easily to a small local player.

To overcome all these issues, GBfoods has found a partner in Spot Buy Center. Where Spot Buy Center deals with this part of our supplier database ... which is quickly a very large part, we can focus infernally on the important strategic contracts, partners and discussions. It’s rather in raw materials, in the relationship with Retail Channels or in media purchases, that we will make a difference.

At once, many small suppliers became one sole supplier under the name Spot Buy Center, with interesting payment terms, that please the Group, one invoice template and invoices that are always in line with our objectives and one single point of contact if we have a question about one of the purchases. And as the icing on the cake, all communication, the exchange of offers and purchase offers, is fully digital. There is even the option to have integrated catalogues.

With Spot Buy Center we can access all products and services in Belgium and beyond. This way GBfoods can focus on the strategic relationships!


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