Some of the smaller spend can yield big savings!

Managing the big, core areas of spend is the easy part. The numbers are larger and the savings are usually quickly won and impressive. We're all pretty good at managing this 80% or more of our spend. However, let's not forget the tail of spend, the remaining 20% or less. Often these areas are not so well managed. This is usually because there are many suppliers involved and tackling them is seen as an overwhelming task.

But dealing with this tail spend, can deliver significant savings. Of course in unit price reductions,  but even more in process improvement, in freeing up money and valuable resource. To be able to focus on your core is essential for procurement, finance and the business.

The key is a systematic, professional approach built on a strong foundation of industry knowledge. You can start with a detailed analysis of your current spend and develop a quick-win strategy of consolidation, aggregation, streamlining and market testing. In this way, you will quickly achieve sustainable results. Not only will you see significant cost savings, you will also gain better visibility of where you spend money. And as we all know, if you can see it you can manage it.

Expect also a big reduction in maverick and off-contract spending, a sizeable cut in the number of invoices that need processing and a reduction in the time needed to manage and onboard new suppliers.

By offering more attractive packages of spend to suppliers you will also gain improved payment terms, access to better systems and tools, and a genuine desire on the part of suppliers to help you succeed. The limiting factors for undertaking this activity are usually resource and appetite. But given the current economic situation the appetite is likely to be there. Most companies are looking keenly at their spend to see where they can become more effective.

As for resource planning, there are several ways to resolve this. You can resource internally, or use the services of an interim manager. But then you will not have the benefits of a single creditor model. Or you can have it all and engage a specialist procurement services provider like Spot Buy Center.  

The need to manage the tail of spend is relevant for organisations of all kinds, from corporates right down to SMEs. The challenges are the same and the results can be equally surprising.

So undertake action and get the benefits of cost savings, efficiency improvements and a more effective and better managed supply chain.


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