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SPIE Belgium Says: "Internally we focus on our strategic suppliers only!"

Some numbers: 850 employees over 14 sites in Belgium and 1 site in Luxemburg

Since 2018, SPIE Belgium has been using Spot Buy Center's services to process transactional purchases from non-strategic suppliers. And according to their own words, this collaboration is very fruitful!

David Grégoire, Purchasing Manager SPIE Belgium : "At SPIE, we apply very strict rules and controls for the integration and onboarding of new suppliers. Therefore, activating this process for sporadic purchases is far too complicated. Espacially when the transcation values are fairely low (in general below 10k).  

In this category you will find suppliers that will only be used once, or others that want to be paid in advance, and still others require payment by Credit Card ... It is precisely for these types of transactions that we have found an excellent partner in Spot Buy Center, a partner that we can confidently recommend today.

What we would like to emphasize is the enormous amount of time that is saved through this cooperation. In addition, Spot Buy Center's platform and service is extremely user-friendly and efficient: when we submit a request (for example, technical purchases for the SPIE sites, fuel oil, brochures, flowers or customized SPIE gadgets, etc.), the process from quotation to order is completed within 24h.

All of our business units have access to this platform, which makes the benefit of the partnership for these transactions even greater!


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