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Spot Buy Center's tail spend Software

One-of-a-kind tail spend software

The software, called OAZO, was created and developed entirely in-house, because no existing software could meet the specific tail spend needs.

  • There are tools that bring suppliers together, but do not offer a single creditor.
  • There are tools that offer time tracking for consultants, but you can't hire a plumber with those.
  • There are tools to process expenses, but with them you have no control over the expenses, nor a detailed reporting.
  • There are tools that place thousands of products in catalogues, but you cannot launch request for quotes.
  • You have tools and P2P applications for approvals and for generating purchase orders (ERP/SRM), but they are often very expensive or cumbersome.

With our own software, all these aspects are addressed and we look at the DNA of tail spend. It is not an existing service or application to which we quickly add a tail spend feature because it is a hot topic today.

We can purchase products and services at home and abroad. In the application you indicate whether you have already found something or whether you want us to search for you. It is therefore an intake and a communication tool to which both the customer and the spot buy center employee have access and exchange specifications and quotations.

Main advantages

The most important advantages of the software are.

  • With the software you implement an unambiguous process, according to your policy and governance, which can be used decentrally by the users themselves. No PO no Order, no PO no invoice.
  • In the software you determine what can be purchased and through which channels this is done. We combine free text requests and catalogues in the same environment, where intuitive and the purchase experience are highly valued.
  • Finally, this application can integrate with all possible modern ERP and SRM tools such as Coupa, Oracle, Fusion, SAP, SAP ARiba, Hubwoo, Basware, Microsoft Dynamics, Unit4, etc, or very easily as a stand-alone solution in which our own P2P can be used

Nice features

  • Detailed reporting that can trigger actions to the user and can help management to adapt at user level and change behaviour.
  • Different user groups can access different catalogues and these catalogues can be hosted by us, contain our or your contracts or these catalogues can be punch-outs to other providers.
  • An extensive approval flow is available on request that generates digital POs and in which goods receipts can also be made.
  • Also nice is that when an organisation needs to order services from another country, and we have a VAT number in that country, we can automatically switch Spot Buy Center entities to offer you the best tax solution

Everything in the application was made at the request of customers or at the request of our own operators who continuously think along so that the experience for the customers and the speed with which we can operate, continuously improves.


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