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VRT Says : "Innovation and simplification"

The Vlaamse Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization, abbreviated VRT. The broadcaster has three television and six radio networks, additional digital offerings and an extensive internet and mobile offering.

Just as in the private sector, the public sector is continously challenged to innovate. Not only in terms of content, but also in terms of spenf and procurement management. Processes need to be improved, spend more transparent, and the internal customer expects an experience as in their private sphere: intuitive, fast, digital.

To get started with all these challenges, the VRT purchasing team has taken several steps. New framework contracts, a new team structure, new partners and a lot of focus on internal communication. One of those partners is Spot Buy Center, with whom the VRT purchasing team was able to take a big step forward on several of these challenges.

Processes are most often ignored or bypassed for 2 reasons: Either because they are just not known, or because they are difficult to comply with. It is therefore important to use the right tools for the right purchases. Standard or general processes are often too cumbersome when you want to make smaller, one-time purchases, or when you want to try out new suppliers.

VRT found one partner for this, who acts as one supplier, so that the purchasing process is always the same. In addition, this process runs through a very intuitive application, which integrates with the ERP system with the necessary efficiencies as a result.

Via the Spot Buy Center application and services, a VRT employee can request quotes within predetermined purchase domains and below a certain financial threshold. All this with one supplier, within 48h and 100% digital. VRT also has mini-catalogues in this application with a variety of prenegotiated products and services. Result: all purchases transparent given that the entire P2P process is also being followed.

In addition to the fact that Spot Buy Center helps in digitization and in adopting processes, the VRT purchasing team is also greatly unburdened, allowing them to fully focus on strategic files and the time-consuming public tenders.



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